About Us

About the company

Heritage India Communications Pvt. Ltd has been set up especially to create awareness about India´s rich civilization primarily through a magazine in English. Its aim is to portray the treasure trove of our country´s heritage through an array of articles covering the various aspects studied by eminent scholars, researchers and academicians over a long period of time.

The endeavor of the company is to build bridges between these sources and carry their knowledge to the lay reader.

About ‘Heritage India’ Magazine

‘Heritage India’ is a quarterly magazine exclusively on Indian history, culture and civilization. From the heights of Ladakh to the depths of Lakshadweep, each issue is a journey across the sub-continent. ‘Heritage India’ contains unique features by eminent archaeologists and historians, welding together academic research and scholarship with stunning photographs, taking our readers through the centuries. We invite you to uncover the ruins of ancient Nagarjunakonda, or decipher the mysterious Kushan coins or simply sit back and admire the magnificent Gir lions!

Every issue carries articles on diverse topics ranging from traditional arts like puppetry, and crafts like weaving Kanjeevaram saris to the architecture of Goa. India’s first magazine dedicated solely to heritage and culture, is a platform bringing together articles on tangible and intangible heritage, scholars, experts in ancient culture, archaeologists and history enthusiasts.

More than just a magazine, Heritage India is a slice of India itself, a quarterly keepsake.

Our Vision

Owing to its rich heritage and culture, India is probably the only country in the world where the past remains inextricably linked to the present. While ancient golden civilizations like the Mesopotamian or the Babylonian existed and died away and while new civilizations flourish in the world today, the Indian civilization is the only one which has existed for thousands of years, unchanged to an extent and yet, competing with any of the most modernized countries of the 21st century. The wealth of heritage spanning the ages, in terms of personalities, monuments, history and culture cannot be measured.

Yet, there is a dearth of information about our heritage available to the lay reader. Heritage India has been designed to fulfill this need. All interested readers, young and old, will find reading every issue a marvelous experience as they discover things unknown about their own land and its people and realize how in preserving a vibrant link with the past, we look to a glorious future.

Our vision is threefold:

  • To create awareness amongst Indians about their inheritance and motivate them to become guardians of the same
  • To capture a small segment of the rich diversity of our land and provide readers all over the world with a vibrant link to the past and
  • To build a legacy for our future generations

In addition to publishing these magazines, we also carry out other heritage awareness activities such as lectures, workshops, site visits, tours and have even trained guides at heritage sites. We work with a wide network of Indologists, archaeologists, historians and scholars in related fields to carry out our activities, and see ourselves mainly as a platform between expert research and the common people.

Heritage Tours is the latest offering from Heritage India and a step forward to achieve the vision we have set out to achieve. We offer tour packages to popular as well as off beat sites guided by experts who provide authentic information.

The experts chosen with the trips are usually doctorates or post graduates in Indology or those who have vast experience in the field. The aim primarily is to make all citizens aware of the Heritage sites around us while at the same time adding fun to the whole experience. Over the last three years we can proudly say that we have created a family of Heritage lovers who keep interacting over various activities we periodically conduct.

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